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Thanks for visiting The Fork Diaries!!

I'm completely new to this entire world of blogging (other than the stalk through pinterest part), so show me some mercy as I figure this out. I'm super excited to get to share some of my interests and most often my recipes!

That really is my main purpose for starting "The Fork Diaries." Recipes. (Obviously)

Not everything that I post will be an Emily original, but it will be yummy...that I can promise. I'll do my best to try new things and create my own, but whatever didn't originate in my kitchen (or in my head) will receive all the credit that is due.

I can't promise a new post everyday. Honestly, at this point it may only be once a week. BUT my personal goal through this blog is to push myself to try new things so I'll post as often as I make something delicious.

On occasion I may share something NOT food related ( possibly about my super adorable child), but this isn't "The Emily Diaries"... It's about forks. And food. So I'll keep the "adorable child" additives to a minimum.


I hope "The Fork Diaries" changes your world. And your dinner! Because it's all about having fun, expanding creativity, and enjoying good food.

So let's get to it! :)

(Seriously though...Make some of my food and tell me that you like it.)

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